Stocks On Ethereum

Deploy Stablecoins like DAI, USDt, USDc or corresponding LPs to mint synthetic stock tokens.


  • Peaches Protocol makes it easy to create Synthetic Stock Tokens (pToken) on Ethereum, that track the price of real world stocks. pTokens are fully decentralized, censorship resistant coins available to any Stablecoin Hodler or Stablecoin Liquidity Provider all around the world.
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How does it work?


  • To mint a pToken, an issuer should deposit into the Safe more than 150% of the current asset value in DAI, USDt, USDc Stablecoins OR corresponding LPs as guarantee (collateral). In the event that the value of the pToken transcends the collateralization limit, the collateral is liquidated to ensure solvency of the Protocol.


  • The Protocol reads in underlying asset prices via a Chainlink decentralized price oracle. When the price of the pToken drifts significantly from the primary market, traders are incentivized to purchase, sell, mint or burn the pToken.


  • To get the collateral back, the issuer must burn the equal amount of pToken issued when opening the Safe.

Synthetic Stock Tokens

Collateral Stablecoins




Grow Peaches Earn Rewards


  • Peaches (PCHS) are Peaches Protocol deflationary governance tokens. Users earn Peaches rewards by farming Peaches and pToken ULPs and SLPs in the Master Garden. Moreover Peaches Protocol will buy Peaches for generated fees, burn half and then transfer the rest for distribution. Generating buying and deflationary pressure, making Peaches not only delicious, but also profitable.
:: Read the Docs :: :: Web App :: :: Buy Peaches on UNI:: :: Grow PCHS Get Rewards ::